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Lingerie Facts

Hello darlings!

Did you know that lingerie can make you look and feel fantabulous as well as ridiculous? Yup, that’s right. So be careful and learn some facts that will help you avoid bad purchases and make you look gorgeous.


Lingerie fact #1

Size and fit. Don’t wear too big or too small lingerie. Learn how to highlight and cover up. Any bust will look good in perfectly fit bra as will any butt in the right panties.


Lingerie fact #2

Try on. When buying lingerie don’t look at the models. Everyone has a different body type. Do not rush buying everything that looks good on Candice or Adriana. Try on the piece before buying it, make sure it fits and suits you.


Lingerie fact #3

Try new things. They don’t have to be super expensive, ultra-sexy and uncomfortable. There are so many different labels that specialize in different kinds of lingerie. Girly, sensual, innovative and so on. The prices range from the cheapest to most expensive, so everyone can find something within their budget but yet very comfortable and stylish.


Lingerie fact #4

The essential lingerie care. Lingerie is an investment, so store it properly and washes it according to the manufacturer’s instructions or use our tips to lingerie care to maintain the quality.


Lingerie fact #5

Replace it, recycle or donate. Yeah, you heard it right. You can do all these things with your old lingerie. In fact, the Sneakapeekonline has done that in our first Sneakapeekonline.net Trunk Show & Pop Up Store a while ago. When your lingerie gets all worn-out and old, replace with new one with a discount, that’s what we’ve done in the past.


Lingerie fact #6

Lingerie power. Don’t underestimate the details and accessories on the lingerie. Lace gloves, latex stockings, beads and studs as substitute for the outer wear. With the new fashion scene, lingerie now is considered as the new look to fashion.



Fabulous or riduculous?

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Much Love,

Sneakapeekonline Team

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Hello darlings!

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The loungewear arrival.

Happy New Year darlings!

How’s your new year celebration? We hope you had a great time with your loved ones.

Anyway, guess what we have in store with us for the starting of 2013?

Yup, that’s right!

A new loungewear by Mirzaza Dezain is now officially park under our wings!

Woohoo! 😀

Mirzaza Dezain with the symbol / logo letter “M” is a premium product range Mirzaza Dezain which was established on October 1, 2012. With their motto “Show it your style”, all the clothes are ready to wear which mostly is styled as outer wear products are HANDMADE and EXCLUSIVE for their customers. Among Mirzaza Dezain’s products consists of kaftan, kimono, cardigan and other design using chiffon fabrics.


We loveeeee the stylish, comfy and affordable designs by Mirzaza and we hope you girls do too.

Happy shopping girls!

Much Love,

Sneeakpeekonline Team

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Pita Pata Diva

Pita Pata Diva

Look what has just arrived at our HQ girls!! Stay tune for more updates at http://www.facebook.com/sneakapeekonline or http://www.sneakapeekonline.net .
Happy shopping girls!

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Your Lingerie Personality


Source: Pinterest

Undergarments are personal, intimate and have a surprising amount to say about our personalities. Whether you know it or not, the colours and styles you pick, speak of your confidence, attitude and even of your sexuality. So which are you?



Women who opt for full cup or t-shirt bras are practical, down-to-earth and choose to express their character with colours and patterns rather than frills, lace and daring cuts. They believe that bras were designed to sit under clothes.

Full cup 137148751122539127_PNo3mTV9_c


Styles that draw attention to the bust push the boundaries of flirtiness. Women who favour these styles are confident with their bodies and want to show their assets off. They enjoy being sexy, sensual and making their partners aware that they are women to the full extent.

semi cup bra


Ultra feminine, women who opt for light, lacy, frilly bras aren’t as concerned with comfort or practicality as they are with feeling pretty. These women want real romance and although not overly sexual, have a quiet, confident sensual energy. They use their girly charms to beguile their partners.



Women who are drawn to corsets have adventurous personalities and are confident (and a little kinky) in the bedroom.



Tomboyish, easygoing and a little quirky, women who wear singlet see comfort and practicality as priorities. They are fun, relaxed and full of surprises.




Like Bridget Jones, women are aware these are not the sexiest of knickers, but they are practical! If this is what you wear, your motivation is comfort, not style.

granny panties


A little quirky, boy shorts speak of a lively, bubbly personality with an inclination towards the tomboyish.

boy short 2


Used to eliminate the pantyline, G- and V-strings are also mighty effective at attracting the opposite sex. Women who wear them are confident and sexual.



Modest yet flirty, bikini cuts are favoured by women who don’t want to compromise on comfort but still want to feel sexy. They are responsible with a fun core.


*Original post from She Knows Australia


So there you have it ladies, your lingerie personality. Interesting eh? So which one are you? Come share it us. 🙂

Much Love,

Sneakapeekonline Team

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Lingerie Evolution

In this modern high fashion world that we’re living in, as you can see, designers are increasing more each and every single year to stamp their mark on a challenging industry. With this high moving fashion industry, each and every single one of them are getting more creative and innovative in the terms of designing fashion for the comfort and style of the consumer.

As you can see, when talking about fashion, it varies in all sorts of categories from top to toe. Even lingerie is seeing the change in fashion, or impact on the changing styles. Designers are using different materials in order for them go get the best product for their consumer and also for their profit.


Source: Google Images

The variations of the common lingerie materials includes lace, silk and cotton which resulted as the best and preferred product. Using accessories within their designs to create a new look, for future fashionable creations are also one of the evolution in the lingerie fashion.

Moreover, the society nowadays is also looking for new and fresh designs, with interest in new ranges each season. Within the lingerie industry, sales boost when a new range appears, or a brand markets their designs well.

We see a trend of some traditional lingerie becoming a streetwear style these days such as the corset, as lingerie is incorporated into daily fashion. Up and coming designers will push an evolution of style for sexy lingerie through their own designs.

ImageSource: Google ImagesPinterest , Google Images

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