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Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

Hello girls!

2012 has finally come to an end today. 

In just a few hours, we’ll be celebrating the new year, 2013.

So therefore, we’re here at Sneak A Peek would like to take a moment to wish everyone…



May 2012 has taught you so many things in life that you’ll cherish

And may this new year glow with good cheer and happiness for you and your loved ones!

Happy holiday girls!


Much Love ,

Sneakapeekonline Team


*p/s: stay tune for our special offer in just a few hours. 😉

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Colour Me Sexy!


 Source: Google Images

Do you like bubbly polka-dots, cute paw-prints, sensible skin-tone or provocative leopard-print? Here’s what your colour choice has to say:


Black: sexy, sensual and mature


Red: passionate, romantic and sassy


Purple: sensual and seductive


Pink and white: delicate, flirty, innocent and (in some cases) practical


Nudes and skin colours: practical and confident


Bright colours and loud patterns: mischievous, playful and cute


Floral print: delicate, pretty, feminine


Animal print: provocative, quirky, easygoing but sexual

So which one are you? Come share it with us 😉

Much Love,

Sneakapeekonline Team

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How to find the best selling online lingerie?



With this very fast moving and advance online cyber space; the online cyber space can be very manipulative at times. There are a lot of dodgy sites in the online space that sells products at ridiculously low prices, and take your cash without sending you the product or they sell you low quality lingerie, or products that look nothing like the picture at a very expensive price. Here’s how you can try to find the best selling online lingerie:-


1)    Search the item you want. (Eg: Sexy Lingerie, Lingerie, Corsets, G-Strings or etc.)

2)    Choose the one in the ads at the top or the one appear below the ads box.

3)    Click the first few results on the search page, and look at the home page for specials. It may say 40-50% off a range of lingerie items, or specify a certain category but 10-20% off may be a better price than 20-30% off at another site.

4)    Once you’ve found the site, check prices and a few things on the site. One, make sure they have contact details. An address, phone number or email.  (The site should have some product information to tell you a bit about a product.)

5)    The picture may look deceiving, so make sure to check the product information carefully.

6)    An important factor is spelling. Sites, lingerie items, and product descriptions should have correct spelling. If they don’t, it may be dodgy.

7)    Security on the site is important. When adding thing to the cart, the URL should change to https. This notes a safe site. If the site simply shows http, may not be a secure shopping site.


So there you have it, some tips on how to find the best selling online lingerie. We hope this will help all you women out there to shop for the perfect lingerie. Happy shopping!


Much Love,

Sneakapeek Team

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Merry Christmas!



Source: We Heart It


We, at Sneakapeekonline


May your Christmas this year be rich with family love,

warm with friendship,

happy with life’s goodness and

blessed with the joys of the season.


Much Love,

Sneakapeekonline Team


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Lingerie Evolution

In this modern high fashion world that we’re living in, as you can see, designers are increasing more each and every single year to stamp their mark on a challenging industry. With this high moving fashion industry, each and every single one of them are getting more creative and innovative in the terms of designing fashion for the comfort and style of the consumer.

As you can see, when talking about fashion, it varies in all sorts of categories from top to toe. Even lingerie is seeing the change in fashion, or impact on the changing styles. Designers are using different materials in order for them go get the best product for their consumer and also for their profit.


Source: Google Images

The variations of the common lingerie materials includes lace, silk and cotton which resulted as the best and preferred product. Using accessories within their designs to create a new look, for future fashionable creations are also one of the evolution in the lingerie fashion.

Moreover, the society nowadays is also looking for new and fresh designs, with interest in new ranges each season. Within the lingerie industry, sales boost when a new range appears, or a brand markets their designs well.

We see a trend of some traditional lingerie becoming a streetwear style these days such as the corset, as lingerie is incorporated into daily fashion. Up and coming designers will push an evolution of style for sexy lingerie through their own designs.

ImageSource: Google ImagesPinterest , Google Images

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